If You Can't Stand The Heat...


This editorial makes me want to paint my nails black, get in the kitchen and do something hot...like pose by the mixer and cheese grater in sexy dresses and bad-ass heels. Every male chef's wet dream is in these photos. And since I'm no male chef, a huge round of applause is in order to the art director/stylist/designer- I'm officially turned on. 

images via Ines Atelier

Despite this being an editorial look book, this model just killed it for every woman who thought she looked good in an apron. I guess it's no longer good enough to just cook- no big deal, just the act of keeping yourself and whoever's mouths you're feeding, alive. Now, you have to look good- no, great-while doing so. Oh well. As the saying appropriately goes...

If you can't stand the heat, get the fuck outta the kitchen. 


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  1. Love this editorial!



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