Bee Themed Baby Shower


So, I feel like we have so much to catch up on! During my sabbatical (wow, that's hard to spell), I threw my big sister a little baby shower! Yup, I volunteered, which I was doubtful to do. I mean, I've never thrown a party for someone else! And my sister and I don't exactly have the same taste. But, I'm super excited about baby number 2 coming along because if it's anything like baby number 1, well, I'm in love.

Per her request, it was an intimate affair. We just had 8 people around her dining room table for a Sunday brunch. She wanted the "bee" theme and to keep things very simple. So, despite my desire to go completely crazy, (i had to hit my hand every time I reached for that pompom) I think I succeeded in throwing a very cute, intimate and (best part!) easy baby shower! Here are some pics!

On the menu: lox and cucumber sandwiches, mini crab cakes (Trader Joes), mini quiche, shrimp cocktail, fruit kabobs, and greek yogurt parfaits. 

The table was kept really simple. Yellow and white straws and napkins. Mason jars for water and iced tea. Hot tea was also on the table to keep with our bee theme. Honey and tea and bees, get it? Just put white hydrangeas and yellow flowers on the tables. Used all white ceramics. Kept everything either yellow or white, striped or polka dot. Obvi. 

The table cloth looks awful in this picture, but it IS cute in person. It's just some polka dot fabric that I picked up at the craft store. It makes a perfect backdrop for a bunch of events and photos. Clearly, I needed to iron it. And not use my iPhone for blog pictures. 

In the bag we put some tea bags and tied some honey sticks on top! Easy, cheap and cute! 

And for good measure, here's a pic of me, my sister and my mom- the only pic of the day. Everyone was so busy pinning away my tabletop that we forgot to take pictures! 

Stay tuned because next week I'll be sharing the sources for all of our cute little party accessories! 



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  1. Hi Bianca!! Your blog is so pretty. I love those cute cupcakes and the gift bags are adorable. I'm happy I found your blog :)
    Xo, Elba of


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