Etsy Finds: Bumble Bee Baby Shower


I'm not big on party themes. I'd rather do just a very classic party, but when you're throwing it for someone else you have to compromise. So, I threw a very simply decorated brunch for my sister's baby shower with a few hints of the bumble bee theme here and there. (See this post for the full party!) This is basically everything that we used for the baby shower, all found on Etsy!

The invitations came out so good and they were by far the best thing we bought. They're such a good price and they came within a week! I highly recommend this seller and her beautiful cards. I didn't want to do the typical black and yellow color palette. It was too theme-y for me. So, instead I stuck with yellow and white with some polka dots to mix it up. Overall, I think it felt a little more grown up. And for the favors, we filled these Thanks for Buzzing By bags with my sister's favorite tea and honey sticks! 



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