DIY: Ring Jewelry Box in 20 Minutes


This is the easiest, fastest, and maybe cheapest DIY I've ever done. I saw a ring holder made out of a cigar box and old sweater. Instantly, I thought of this super cool cigar box that I bought at an antique store and gave to my brother. Bah. I couldn't be an Indian giver, so I didn't ask him for it back. But then thought, I like to see my jewelry anyways. And I remembered this acrylic box that I had leftover from a CB2 stacking set that I use on my desk. Perfect.

I looked in my closet. No sweaters I wanted to cut up. No shirts. So, off to buy felt at the craft store I went. At .29 cents each, I bought 6 navy felt sheets. And a sheet of pretty shiny black paper for .99 cents.  

First, I cut the felt to fit the width of the box. 

I took 3 sheets at a time (for desired thickness, you can add or subtract number of sheets) and started accordion folding them. Put it in the box (It stayed folded without any gluing.) Repeat with the next 3 sheets. (I made the folds about 1/2 inch because I wanted to leave enough room for my biggest rings to fit with the lid on.)

Then the sides looked kind of funky. You could see all the waves and folds of the felt. So, I just cut some of the pretty paper to cover the sides of the box. I chose black paper for a little bit of contrast between the navy felt. And chose to leave the front and back paper of the box a little shorter than the sides, so I could see the rings a little bit better. 

Twenty minutes later...

I literally was in the Container Store looking for something to organize my jewelry yesterday and didn't like any of the choices. I'm so happy I came across the cigar box ring holder which inspired me to put my own spin on the project. You could do the same thing and use any box, really. I hope to share more DIY's with you all. I have a couple on my list that I'm pretty excited about! 




  1. super cool Bianca - love it and great job!

    1. Thanks, Vel! It was way too easy to take too much credit! ;)

      x Bianca

  2. This is a fabulous idea! thanks for sharing ;D


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