Yay or Nay?


Alright, guys! As you know there are only days left till Christmas. Confession: Haven't bought a single thing for anyone. It's ok: I work best under pressure. As I've been scouring the internet for inspiration, and most likely, out of boredom, I came across this piece of work. I thought, at first, AHHH, I LOVE IT! Finally, something different. A GOLD Christmas tree. Genius. I've already become bored of the same Christmas ideas floating around. This was/is a breath of fresh air. It's so pretty, you don't even need to put ornaments on it.

Ehh, well it is really gold. Maybe too gold. Oh, gosh, hurting my eyes? No such thing as too much gold, especially around the holidays. Liberace's Christmas tree? It does kind of look like a big yellow blob. And then, I couldn't decide if this was totally NOT going to work in a normal household or if it's totally chic. Is it Christmas-ey enough? Or do we need some type of normalcy. Don't know. I'm REALLY on the fence with this one. Surprisingly. I want to hear what you guys think before I say my vote. Ok, y'all: Yay or Nay??



  1. A big YAY for me Bianca! your right no ornaments needed. the only down side to this is that you might get tired of it after a couple of years. :-)

  2. Could you, like, cover it in sprigs of holly? Get a sort of a green/gold inverse tree effect, know what I mean?


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