WIWT: Black & White Everything


I was able to snap a couple of pics while waiting for a store to open when we were in L.A. This isn't a fancy or super chic look, but I wanted to feature it because it's real life. This is what you'll find me in when I have a whole day of shopping ahead of me. And the look is so easy to recreate: no super expensive items, just everyday affordable wear.

I wanted to wear my new black and white striped sweater I recently bought and knew we would be running around all day. The sun was out but it was still a little cold, so a perfect balance was to throw on some Chucks and cuff my jeans up to the ankle. Sandals would have been too cold and boots would have been too hot. Whenever I'm wearing a crew neck sweater, I have to put on a statement necklace. It gives a little bit of shine and effort to a very laid back, comfy look. The sunglasses are a knock off version of the limited edition Chanel glasses that I will buy if anybody ends up selling theirs. But, I figure no one is stupid enough to sell these coveted sunglasses, so SURE, give me the knock offs.

Completing the outfit is my birthday gift to me! Meet, Rebecca. I'm in love with the functionality and beauty of my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Morning After Bag. And the lining is my secret addiction! I just had to show you! Admittedly, I bought the bag for the navy polka dot inside! :) When I told my boyfriend that, he said nobody would ever see it, HA, was he wrong. Now all of you know why Rebecca is my best girlfriend right now.

Get the Look: 
Gold Necklace ( I love this option! It comes in black too!)


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