Thrifting in Los Angeles & The Rose Bowl Flea Market


As you know, this past weekend I went to L.A. to celebrate my birthday and do some exploring. We did a lot of eating really good food, shopping, went to the LA County Museum of Art, and a whole lot of thrifting! Here's what I saw at random junk yards, Tini, and the Rose Bowl Flea! :)

There is random stuff packed to the BRIM in Tini. A lot of it is junk, or things that look junky that you could use for props. But, there were some gems if you look hard enough. Like this gold bamboo chair and this mid-century side table.

At the Rose Bowl, there was definately a variety of things like this beautiful glass antique cabinet. I want one like this to possibly put my shoes inside. A collection of deer  sheds caught my eye. A perfect structural element for styling shelves and tabletops. 

I loved the colors in this rug, but it was a really long and narrow size. I had fun picking out my favorite brass objects at this vendor's table! 

This pair of chairs would look great in somebody's living room across from the sofa or flanking the fireplace. Boo me, I don't have room for anything else. But, if I did, my chair collection would be ridiculously large. 

Oh, how I regret not buying this brass arch lamp. As you can see in comparison with the van, this thing was HUGE. And I thought it would be too big. But when I got home and looked at our huge sofa, I felt like it could have worked to balance the room. Damn it. But, I did have fun digging for beautiful vintage jewelry. 

I wanted this rug SO bad, but it was in such bad condition. There were about 20 holes, and large holes at that, and the ends were all cut. I didn't understand why the hell someone cut the edges? Maybe to fit it to size for a space? Stupid. The right navy rug will come along again. Like my two new rings?

This junk corner was so much fun just to look at 10 feet tall A-1 sauce bottles and Marge Simpsons. 

Oh, and obviously the T-Rex was a hit. 

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  1. Wow! Would love to go there someday, only been to the Melrose one (have you been there? It is awesome , if you go dont forget to try GC Crepes - my brother in law owns it and all biases aside, it is really good). Have to go next time I'm in the area. Love the brass stuff too!


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