Shape up Your Kitchen with These Etsy Finds


I've been wanting to do an Etsy post because it's been a while since the last one and I've been busy bookmarking some fantastic finds!! Oh, how I love Etsy. It seems that I've been drawn to shapes lately. Stripes, diamonds, triangles, dots...they all are so in right now in a major way. I love the idea of making the kitchen just as cozy as the rest of the house: filled with art and beautiful things to look at. It need not only be steel appliances and cabinets, people. Many of these things can shape up your kitchen or you can put them throughout your home. Like that diamond art sculpture. How cool would that be in a nursery? I have been obsessing over those diamond pot holders. Aren't they so cute?? And that cute little gold dot bowl. I bought a similar style catch-all-bowl and keep my miniature lemons from the garden in there. It made such a difference ditching my plain wire fruit bowl for a cute and stylish thang.

Do you guys have something out of the ordinary in your kitchen? Right now, the only art I have, is a painting of a girl that my sister bought me in Italy. I'd love to add more art to the walls and update my pots and pans to look a bit more pretty! I just bought this gorgeous jadeite mixing bowl set in Los Angeles that I'd love to show off. I'm going to be on the lookout for a hutch/cabinet to display my ever growing collection! And, obviously, I need those diamond pot holders. More on my L.A. trip tomorrow!




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    1. I know, right? I wish they came in different colors! Or wouldn't they be cute with the seams a different color? :)

      x Bianca

  2. I love all your finds! Crushing on that mobile sculpture and the dot dish! Those diamond pot holders are true gems!!!!! Good luck with finding a hutch, but cute shelves would work too for displaying your collection. :-)

  3. Neat and clean kitchen is always inspired me against dirty one

    Manipulative hallway


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