Christmas Theme Ideas: A Colorful Christmas


Ok, here is the last post of me gathering all of my different Christmas theme ideas. It's kind of sad that Christmas posts are soon coming to a close until next year, but I saved the best for last! I am in love with the idea of not really following any rule with color palettes and injecting as much color into the holiday as possible! It kind of reminds me of Whoville, just on A LOT less steroids. It's really cheery, warm and fun. Just like the holidays should be! Here is my colorful Christmas theme idea board!

So, I just told you my favorite holiday theme! Which one was yours? Did you like the black and white or the neutral and natural theme


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  1. This is my fave, hands down!! Not gonna lie -- when you posted Neutral & Natural, I was like "didn't you just post all this stuff already??" lol!


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