Trend Inspiration: The Tassel


I thought that the tassel would slowly die. Everyone and their mother put on a party with tassel garlands. But like the neon trend, tassels just continue to make their mark. I found a new love for tassels  after viewing Blair Ritchey's fabulous bag and accessory collection. The collection assured me that tassels don't have to be trendy, in fact, they can be a classic and charming accessory to a bag or keys. Beware: I went tassel finding crazy! My new obsession, you ask? Tassels.

Tassels on Bags:

From left to right: 

Tassels as accessories:

From left to right:

Tassels on shoes:

From left to right:

Tassel party:

Wouldn't a tassel keychain make a great stocking stuffer? Or it would be so cute connected to the bow of a present! Man, my stocking is going to be chock full of amazing stuff this year! Now, if only I could get my family to read my blog... ;)


  1. I don't know how old you are, but the tassel trend was so popular in the 80's.

  2. wedge sneakers are stylish shoes for ladies, they are made for girls at different ages.

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