Tech Updates: Secret Boards on Pinterest & Instagram Online


Have you guys heard? Two new AWESOME tech updates for us Pinners and Instagramers!

On Pinterest, you can now make up to THREE "secret boards". Finally, we can pin things that we want to keep private: ideas for your upcoming party, wedding, things you want to feature on a blog post, Xmas gift lists. There is an option to invite people to see the boards, as well. Maybe you want to share ideas with your hubby or your assistant. Pinterest has finally answered the pin on (privately)! And follow my boards here!

On Instagram, you can now access people's profiles online. Before, you would have to go thru websites like Webstagram, but now Instagram has come out with a fun new layout to access the ever addicting social media online! So, for those of you that aren't on Instagram on your mobile app, you can follow me on the computer! Follow me here at xBiancaSotelo (I'd like to take the moment to explain: my name was taken so, I put an "x" in front of it to symbolize the "x" before the dotted, it's like I'm signing my name!)

I just had to share this exciting news with everyone. And it's usually pretty hard for me to get excited about tech stuff. However, these were two HUGE voids I found in two things that I use the MOST! Great job for creating more user friendly websites guys!


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  1. Thanks for the tip! Started following you already!


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