Some Things Take Time: Get Out and VOTE!


Hi all! Sorry for not posting yesterday. Over the weekend I participated in some very cool and inspiring stuff! If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you got the hint! If you don't follow me (which you totally should get on instagram and do. instagram is taking over), stay tuned for all the details! I'll give you a hint: it involved hanging out with DesignLoveFest all weekend. :) Anyways, it completely burned me out and I literally had candles burning and NO lights on last night. I think I went to bed like at 8? Today is a quick post, a little inspiration for your Tuesday. I liked it pertaining to blogging and learning and LIFE. But, it also happened to work for Election Day.

Annnnnd, I'm off to vote (and grab a coffee) before work! Get out there and vote! It only happens every four years. :) I have some fun stuff for you for tomorrow!


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