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Christmas (and my bday) are literally just weeks away and we're having some good ol' team fun over on Copy Cat Chic putting together our Holiday Gift Guides! Us Copy Cat Chic girls will be putting out a new gift guide each week to hopefully, inspire some awesome gift giving this season! First, we start with the ladies. Here's my board of fool proof gifts:

1. Every woman needs some glitzy earrings. Wear them out to dinner or to dress up a day look!
2. Super popular. Smells great. And instant mood relaxer. Every household needs one. 'Nuff said. 
3. A simple gold and neutral watch to throw into the rotation. 
4. I love these blue and white nesting bowls. Use them in the kitchen for prep or landing dishes around the house!
5. Any woman can wear this sweater. I love it. My mom loves it. Usually, that would creep me out, but not in this case. I'll take one please!
6. This was my wild card. A little more funky. A little more city. But so much fun in that "it" color of Fall/Winter: Oxblood. 
7. I don't own this book. But I want to. Just the cover alone is fabulous. Hoping this one is under my tree! 
8. Monogrammed travel accessories make such a special gift and they are plush too! Perfect for cozying up in uncomfortable plane rides!
9. With vegetables, herbs, and fruit in my garden, the trend is rising and rising! 
10. I usually don't go for a chunky scarf, but I thought for Winter, it would keep us all a little warmer. And that ombre! 

Head over to Copy Cat Chic for the details, sources, and to see the other picks from Reichel and Chelsea! Did I mention everything is UNDER $100?! 


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