Christmas Theme Ideas: Neutral & Natural


Now that Thanksgiving is over we can talk about Christmas! Yay, usually I have my tree up way before Thanksgiving, but this year everything is still in the garage. Mostly because I can't figure out what type of Christmas I want. Usually, I like very gaudy, over the top Christmas'. Last year, I had mostly gold and champagne colors. This year I might go for something different. So, I've decided to round up my thoughts on inspiration boards. First up is: a neutral, natural Christmas. Think burlap, birch, and kraft paper. 

What do you think? Anyone doing Christmas like this? Or are you keeping it traditional? I like the neutral and natural theme, but it might be a little too rustic for me. It's like those all neutral baby nurseries. They're pretty to look at, but I don't know if they're stimulating enough. I have two more themes to run by with you at the end of this week and next week! A Colorful Christmas and a Black and White Christmas. :) Who knows, I might just opt for a glamorous Christmas again! I'm curious how you decorate for the holiday! And don't forget to follow me on Pinterest



  1. I love the natural/rustic theme too, but for the type of home I have, I think it would look a bit dull in our home. If you've got a smaller space, I think this could work really well. Just add lots and lots of light to make it less "gloomy". My theme this year is GOLD, gold gold!

    1. I'm totally down with gold, gold, gold! Have you put everything up already?


    2. Yup, I have, just posting it all one at a time to keep my readerd from "gagging" over my "too much Christmas" posts! LOL! Have a good day!


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