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Sometimes inspiration comes in the least likely places. To make a long story short, today, my old professor, (let me rephrase that because he is actually not old at all), my professor from college emailed me about some contacts of mine in Uganda. I know, your thinking UGANDA? Wth? Bianca? Yes, moi. In fact, my love for international flair goes beyond global decor. I got my degree in International Relations and spent some time living in Uganda working with children and a non-profit organization straight out of college. It was a wonderful experience that I hope to one day share with you!

Anywho, the email brought me back to my "African" days. (The reason I put it in quotes is, I really cringe grouping all of the continent's diversity into one adjective, but it has to be done, sometimes.) Inspired by visions of red clay dirt roads, chickens and cattle roaming those dirt roads, and Ugandan women clad in their traditional wear outside of their homes, I've round up some great African inspired textiles. I'm thinking each one of these textiles would make an excellent throw pillow or look beautiful framed on a wall and that little piece of Africa in a home brings warmth to my heart.

Left Column: 

Right Column:

All of these fabrics were round up on my favorite site in the world, Etsy. Some are from South Africa, Nigeria, and Cote d'Ivoire to name a few. I love the texture of the last textile! It is a fabric from Nigeria that was hand woven mostly by men. I love the open zig zag pattern on the khaki and the sparkle from the metallic purple. And just for fun, I wanted to show a photo I took of three beautiful Ugandan women in gomesis, a traditional dress. They sure do know how to wear their patterns and colors! 



  1. Wow, never knew what a globe trotter you are! Good for you, and I'm sure I'll read about your adventures there one of these days. Love those colors, I actually have a couple of fabrics my Nigerian friend gave me, should bring it out sometime. :-)

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