A Guide to the Cutest Things To Do in Copenhagen


Streets of Norrebro

Copenhagen is a beautiful city full of inspiring Nordic design and a thoughtful approach to style. We had both been looking forward to spending some time in what we knew to be such a design-focused city. We arrived from Iceland and were immediately smitten by it's warm t-shirt weather in mid-September. So we hit the pavement exploring! We were in CPH a total of 8 days in the city which was plenty, and decided to break up our stay into two different neighborhoods/Airbnbs. The first in Osterbro and the second in Norrebro.

It's important to note that most everything in Copenhagen is carefully executed with a strong design eye. And most certainly there are very cute haunts that were nice, but didn't make my list. I went with a laundry list for a map, but after walking into so many shops and enjoying so many places to eat and drink, I've narrowed it down. Here are your MUST eat restaurants, must see museums, and must shop boutiques in Copenhagen. You'll find at the bottom of each section an "At Quick Glance" list for your reference. I'd write those down if you don't have time to read. Beware of just skimming the images: I failed to take pictures of some really amazing places that are written down, so make sure to take note, design/Instagram-obsessed friends!


We first stayed in Osterbro in an insanely gorgeous Airbnb. Osterbro is a quiet, charming, and mostly a residential neighborhood, and we honestly decided to stay in the 'hood just for the flat! Luckily, it was a worth it choice. It was one of the best stays we've EVER had using Airbnb. Our flat was two blocks away from Meyers Bageri, the most famous bakery chain in Copenhagen — we walked there every morning for a pastry, yum — and about five blocks away from Original Coffee, which quickly became our go-to spot for cappuccinos. And honestly, was one of the best coffee shops we tried in the entire city. Original Coffee has another location close by, along the canal between Osterbro and Norrebro as well, if you find yourself in the need for good coffee!

Osterbro is a bit a ways from the heart of where things are happening, so we had to rent bikes, which is a must in Copenhagen in general. Copenhagen is not a walking city, it's a biking city. Finding a place to rent bikes is easy. Walk down the street and there are at least 3 rental places within a few blocks radius, guaranteed. We did some shopping around in our hood and just went with the best deal. There were no problems whatsoever.

Osterbro didn't have much as far as dining went, so we did have to make our way to other neighborhoods for food. Usually that meant biking to the next neighborhood over which was Norrebro, a solid 10 minute ride and 30 minute walk. Despite a lack of good eats, when it came to a late night snack, Osterberg Ice Cream, which was in walking distance of our flat, was our saving grace! It's quite possibly the cutest ice cream shop I've ever been in and the flavors are wild, tropical and unique. You must try it if you're in the area.

We liked Osterbro's laid-back vibe and loved our flat, but ultimately found out that Norrebro was more central to where we wanted to be. So after 5 days in Osterbro, we spent our last nights in Norrebro.

Our Airbnb in Osterbro

Meyers Bageri Osterbro

Original Coffee Osterbro

Osterberg Ice Cream 

Must-Visit Osterbro at Quick Glance:

*Meyers Bageri
*Original Coffee
*Osterberg Ice Cream


For the second half of the trip, we stayed in Norrebro. It really was the center of all the action for us and was hands-down our favorite neighborhood. Everything is in walking distance which is nice. While we still used our bike rentals, the young and vibrant area is easily a place you can get away with touring sans-bike if you wanted to. It's packed with hip boutiques, the newest restaurants, bars and vintage shops and of course, tons of pretty flower shops.

As Norrebro quickly began to feel like home, we hit up a few of our favorite places time and time. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? The full must-visit list is below, but we enjoyed BRUS, Istid, Torvehallerne, and 20A so much, we went back twice or more!

There are two great parks in Norrebro that are gorgeous to walk or bike through. Orstedsparken is just next to one of our must-hit spots Torvehallerne, and an absolutely gorgeous spot to picnic or people watch. Assistens Cemetery park is a large park and is beautiful to bike through and tour the grounds. It's situated quite centrally in the neighborhood and is used as a street, practically, so you may just find yourself traveling through it. It's a must!

Our Airbnb in Norrebro

BRUS Brewery

BRUS Restaurant




Must-Visit Norrebro Restaurants At Quick Glance:

*20A (enjoy one of two house sandwiches on the menu for lunch daily, as well as dinner which has a similar two-item menu. both lunch and dinner were so delicious — went twice so good!)
*Manfreds (order their famous tartare and a glass of rosé!)
*Istid Ice Cream (yummy nitrogen frozen ice cream — went multiple times!)
*Coffee Collective (two locations in Norrebro, one in Torvehallerne)
*Ol & Brod (outdoor seating and nice not-course meal)
*Brus (newish brewery and restaurant in a happenin' Norrebro corridor — great local beer + bottle shop)
*Torvehallerne (huge food market hall with fresh produce, cheese, restaurants, food stands and more — went over and over again!)
*Mikkeller (most famous beer in CPH — you'll find it on almost every menu, but their bars themselves are pretty popular and a local must)

Must-Visit Norrebro Boutiques At Quick Glance:

*Keramiker (gorgeous porcelain)
*Antique shops down Ravnsborggade (great little street to walk down and get your antique on)

Must-Visit Parks:

*Assistens Cemetery (very large park and cemetery, you'll want a bike)
* Orstedsparken (grab food at nearby Tovehallerne and enjoy it here)


We did some exploring in the Meat Packing district. It's a little further away from the heart of the city, and still developing, so at this point I'd say, it's not a must-must. But if you find yourself with some time like we did, it's a good up and coming place to explore, with a handful of restaurants and bars in a grungy, warehouse-like hood. If you like to check out the newest and latest, this is where you'd find it.

We also crossed the bridge over to Christiania. The weather was exceptional that day, so everyone in the city was jam-packed on the waterfront at the Copenhagen Street Food Restaurant which in our opinion, you can definitely skip. All the locals rave about it, but coming from San Francisco, it was subpar. There are a few popular restaurants on this side of the water like NOMA and 108 which we didn't eat at, but may be worth the waitlist.

The city center Indre By is home to one of Europe's largest shopping areas. Blocks and blocks and BLOCKS of stores from Louis Vuitton to Zara are here for your spending pleasure. Beyond fashion, there are also great design stores to check out in this neighborhood — ooh la la! This is where I spent all of my money! See list below.

The Botanical Garden is also in Indre By and free, so it's worth checking out if you're looking for something to do on the cheap.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Atelier September

Rue Verte

Must-Visit Indre By Design Stores At Quick Glance

*Atelier September Antik & Grafik (boutique in back of restaurant)
*Rue Verte
*H. Skjalm P.
*Butik for Borddaekning
*Illums Bollighus


Just outside of the city is the Louisiana Museum and it would be an absolute crime to miss it. It's about a 40 minute train ride north and the perfect half-day trip. The museum is one of the best I've ever been to — integrating outdoor space with indoor space in an exceptional way. Be prepared to be inspired!

Another museum that is a must is the Glyptoteket. Full to the brim with stone statues from all over the world, dating back to BC, as well as other European art, the use of color in this museum took my breath away. It's modern approach in displaying art was quite unexpected just like it's wonderful indoor atrium that is full of lush, tropical plants intermingling with statues. Again, just breathtaking.

We also visited the State Museum, SMK Statens Museum for Kunst. While it's not a must for me, it is nice museum and if you're looking to dip in somewhere on a cold and rainy day, and have already checked off the two museums above, this is worth your visit.

Louisiana Museum

Louisiana Museum

Louisiana Museum

Louisiana Museum

Louisiana Museum




Statens Museum for Kunst

Statens Museum for Kunst

Must-Visit Museums at Quick Glance:

*The Louisiana

Overall, Copenhagen is a great city. Stylish like New York, with a hint of European lifestyle, mixed in with a very unique Danish and Nordic approach, it's full of well-designed, thoughtful places to explore. The Danes were some of the friendliest people I've ever encountered and they sure know how to enjoy life. So if you're into a little bike riding and a lot of beer, Copenhagen may just be your heaven.

A Peek Inside My Teal Bedroom


A few weeks ago, my bedroom was revealed on Lonny for a tone-on-tone room feature and today, I wanted to share some before and afters, along with a my favorite sources for the room. So let's walk through the space and the transformation process in a bit more detail!


This isn't exactly what things looked like before, since these pictures were taken two year ago, but close enough. The room certainly wasn't as clean — it had become quite the untouched room that I rarely went into during the day. I had moved the bed to the right wall and sold the mirrored side tables. The vintage dresser as well as an antique vanity were in the space, and the wall color and sconces were still hanging on. But oh what a change everything underwent!



First things first in the makeover was to paint the walls! I had newly acquired the Beluga Duvet Cover from Flaneur and loved the green undertones the dark dark grey/almost black had. I also had an amazing print, "Pool Illumination" by LA-based photographer Georgia Tankard, from Minted that was almost sinister and unexpected, and I knew I wanted to use it in the bedroom for those exact reasons. Inspired by these two pieces, I decided to go in the direction of a green color palette. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with a lighter color like this hue, hailed from so many Danish inspiration rooms:

or something dark and jewel-toned, like this inspiration color that spoke more to my love for moody and glamorous rooms:

So I leaned on my friend and interior designer Michelle Kelstrom to help me decide. It's always nice to have a friend that you can bounce ideas off of, and it's even nice when they have a killer design sense! We decided that both directions could work, really, but when we put a few samples on the wall (that were straight from the tones in the art piece), we decided the dark, jewel-tone teal made the art pop more. So we went with Dark Teal by Benjamin Moore. It had a rich blue undertone that I loved. And truly, once the samples were on the wall, my love for dark rooms was confirmed.

In a small space with dark walls, things can get feel crammed fast. So while I loved (and still do love) my old tufted bed, I knew I wanted a less bulky look — something more masculine and modern, and definitely no headboard. I put the bed in storage and opted for just a black frame from Ikea. The inspiration art piece from Minted was to act as a headboard.

To fill wall space, I had my heart set on something dramatic — maybe a cluster of pendants, or one killer light/installation that would help fill in the lack of headboard space. I then thought of my friend and designer Windy Chien in San Francisco who does both. I fell in love with her work after using it in a couple of past projects. Her light and rope designs are art installations in themselves, so I decided I must have the a black rope Helix Pendant Light. There were 3 options for placement.

The first was what I originally had in mind — to do something that draped over the art.

The second was to do something that still took up wall space (as well as the adjacent wall space), yet was a bit more of a traditional bedside light placement.

The third look was funkier and a bit rock and roll over my antique vanity.

We decided Option 2 was the best for the room! Since I had a lot of pillows, we didn't want things to start looking too crazy. Some of my favorite pillows? The velvet pillows from Room & Board, the only floral print I've ever had to have from Designer's Guild via Burke Decor and an insanely gorgeous sage green, antique French linen pillow with a brass zipper from Elsie Green.

As for bedside tables, I knew I wanted them to be mismatched and just so happened to have this old never-finished Campaign side table in the garage. I found it for $10 at Salvation Army and have always wanted to give it a makeover! I decided to finally give it a face lift using the lightest paint sample from the walls, Behr's Chelsea Garden.

The bedroom really isn't that large of a space, so on the other side, I used a stool as a bedside table and worked with the foundation ledge to display art et objet. Other than the bed and the two side tables, the only other piece I kept in the room was my antique vanity. I shared my love for antique lion heads with my friend Michelle and she sourced gorgeous brass pulls on Etsy that I AM OBSESSED with them. I moved my vintage dresser out of the room and into the closet (closet reveal coming soon!) and the sconces found a new home in the living room. Admittedly, since these "after" pictures were taken, I have already restyled the bedside tables!! I'm a stylist — I can't help myself.

Speaking of antiques and found objects, this month I'll be sharing some of my favorite scores and sources for antiques (one of them being my very favorite in the East Bay!) as well as some styling tricks on how to incorporate them into your space. Stay tuned!


Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Dark Teal
Bed Frame: Ikea
Duvet Cover: Flaneur, in Beluga (Flaneur is offering 20% off with code: biancaxflaneur)
Art Over Bed: Minted, "Pool Illumination" by Georgia Tankard
Floral Pillow: Designer's Guild via Burke Decor
Olive Velvet Pillow: Room & Board
Sage Green Linen Euro Pillow: Elsie Green
Bright Green Lumbar Pillow: Bought in Copenhagen
Teal Throw: West Elm
Helix Rope Light: Windy Chien
Campaign Side Table: Salvation Army in Behr Chelsea Garden
Antique French Demijohn: Elsie Green
Bedside Stool: Unknown
Brass Lamp: Lambert et Fils
Vanity: Antique
All Other Decor: Vintage/Found

Images 1-2 by Kim Lucian for Apartment Therapy
Inspiration image 1 from Sara Danielsson + styling Pella Hedeby 
Inspiration image 2 from The Descendants
All final room images by Suzanna Scott for Lonny

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