Setting The Table...


Setting the table was my job growing up...and I hated it. But years later, I've come to like the idea of not just setting the table, but always having it set. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1.) I think my dishes are pretty and I really don't want to hide them in the cabinet. And 2.) If there were nothing on the table, there would be no stopping to the mail, chip bags and receipts that would be strewn all over it. Kitchen table otherwise known as dirty-junk-collecting-surface. 

image 1 + 3 photography by Aubrie Pick 
image 2 photography by Kim Lucian

So I say, try having the table set. When you're putting away clean dishes, don't put them back in the cabinet, instead set them on the table. When you come home from work I guarantee it'll seem like you have a fancy dinner waiting for you. Until of course, you look a little closer and remember that there isn't in fact food on those plates and now you have to cook. Damn it. 

Take out is is...

Chairs: One Kings Lane
Table: Garage sale find
Candleholders: vintage
Dinnerware: CB2
Floral: I go to the park at 11 p.m. at night, pretending to walk my dog, shears in hand, and cut down stuff. Is that illegal? Probs. 

Are Those New Brass Sconces??


Are those new brass sconces you have on either side of your bed?? Why yes, yes they are. I see that you're admiring them so, let's see if I can break 'em down....

I found them on Etsy. I've professed my love for this amazing place on the internet before and although, I do find myself shopping on it less these days, it's still a major piece of my heart- along with Chevy's salsa, the Olsen twins and... brass sconces. Obvi.

I'd been admiring them for a while, but I'm the worst at making decisions. I just live without things for the longest time all because I can't pull the stupid ass trigger. But nothing quite lights the flame under your ass more than being asked to be on Apartment Therapy. Things were a mad scramble, to put them in breakfast terms.

I tried to fix everything I hated and well, that was a lot. Not that I hated things, it's just that rooms were not "done". You know what I mean, right? For instance, I didn't get a chance to switch out the mirrored bedside tables with something a bit more manly. They're not awful, no, but I outgrew them like 5 whole minutes ago and now I can't stand them. Nor did I get the chance to style out the tops of said side tables- books it is! Why books? They're easy and if you have a brain you should own a few. Besides, what's really on my nightstand: earplugs, tissue and know, is NOT what the people want to see.

photography by Aubrie Pick

My bed I still love. I got it when I worked at Z Gallerie a million years ago. I worked there on the weekends while working a full time job just for this bed. An employee discount was the only way I was going to afford it. What- you don't get hired at a job for the discount? Liars. It's glam, but the black frame makes it masculine and I like it. 

Side note: God, that decanter looks really stupid on that side table. I should have styled that. But what the hell are you goina do about it now, sister? 

And since we're in the bedroom, I got a bunch of comments on Apartment Therapy like, does her closet actually look like that?? No, it's a mirage. Of course, it looks like that! (You get a sneak of it in the image above.) Yea, I lined my boots up nicely and stuffed them with newspaper so they would stand up straight. Sue me. And obviously, I cleaned up- picked clothes up off of the floor, vacuumed, you know, what any normal person would do if a stranger was coming into their house to take pictures. Kill me. And sure, if you walked into my closet now, you bet your sweet ass you'd see half of my clothes on the floor...

But seriously, how dumb is that question? 

I digress. Yes, those are new brass sconces and you can scope 'em out here


Ubud, Bali Has Some of The Best Shopping

Ubud, Bali has some of the best shopping. It's true. And going into this, I had no idea. Clearly! Or else I would have brought more money with me. 

You can go broke in Ubud, easily. And actually, that's exactly what I did. One of the cute boutiques that sucked my coin purse dry was Kou and Cuisine. It was a teensy tiny shop that sold jams and salts made right in town. It looked like something that could fit right between the best shops in Soho. It was modern and minimal and sold really cute hand carved wooden spoons, aprons and other little kitchen giftables.

The jams were a perfect souvenir, or so I thought. They used exotic ingredients like Passion Fruit + Tangerine and Grape + Buni and Pineapple + Guava and had the cutest little muslin top on them. I bought a bunch, but made one mistake: thought they could pass in my carryon. 

photography by Bianca Sotelo

But please note, they are, in fact, like .0001 oz. too big and security will make you throw them away. They have no mercy, those bastards. And at that moment, between their hands and the trash, you're going to say to hell with them- they will NOT win- and pay the bagillian dollars it costs to ship them home because airport security Can. Not. Win. 

And when you do get them home, you'll keep those jams all to yourself. Hoard them. Selfishly stare at them and vow to never give them away because they're now worth the price of a fine bottle of wine. And that is the moment you realize...

They won, didn't they? Damn it. 

Just When I thought that I was Never Going to be a Member of the Freda Salvador Club...


Just when I thought that I was never going to be a member of the Freda Salvador club, those sons of b*!ches come out with their Spring collection and it is damn good. So damn good in fact, that I want four pair. Right now. No questions asked.

In previous seasons, I would doubt if the boots I wanted were worth it. I mean, these girls are seriously talented, no doubt, and it's no secret, that I basically, wish I was born...well, them. Their designs are so forward and unique, reminding me a little of Wang/Lim and they have a MAJOR cult following here in San Francisco, but something has always stopped me from pulling the trigger. It could be the nearly $600 price tag or it could be... the nearly $600 price tag!!! [insert big eyed emoji]

For the record, I have yet to spend that kind of money on a pair of shoes- I mean, I bought some Rachel Roy's on sale at around $300 and almost 'bout had a heart attack. I've worn them about 4 clearly, I'm a terrible investor and these shoes would be an investment.

Side note: 300 divided by 4 is 75. I've basically paid $75 for each time I've worn those Rachel Roy heels?! Bad pull of the trigger on my part. Seriously.That's like NO return! I should probably consider keeping all of my money in the bank.

But fellas and ladies, mark my word, these Spanish Salvadors are going to be mine this year! I'm finally giving into fashion and I WILL be in the Freda club come Summer.

You. Just. Watch.
Coming to an instagram near you...

Want 'em too? Get 'em here:

Dream Boot Dove + Ivory Snake
Jam Sandal Black + Black Metallic
Dream Boot Black + Black Snake
Jam Sandal Dove + Silver Metallic 

I'm Not Sure Which Olsen Twin I Want to Be


I'm not sure which Olsen twin I want to be, but it's either Mary Kate or Ashley.

Gah, I can't tell them apart at. all. Can you? Naturally, I want to be the prettier one and I'm pretty sure that's Ashley, but really, there's no way of knowing. I'm not quite sure when both of their accusatory weirdness became insatiably hot and cool, but it did. No longer looking cracked out, (thank goodness-although they might be) one of them (is it Ash?) has become one of my favorite fashionistas!

Wow, did I really just say that?! Embarrassing, considering I know all the words to It Takes Two. You don't know that movie that they did? You know, the one where they were at summer camp and Vincenzo was their butler? Yup, the fact that you've never heard of it makes it a million times more embarrassing.

Why the twins?? For one, I'd love my hair to look like this every. single. day.

A face like this would also be awesome, but since I'm not undergoing plastic surgery anytime soon, my own god given face will have to do. 

But really, it's the fact that Ashley/MK (I'm going with Ashley from this point forward) can pull off the most effortless looks like it's nobody's business. I mean why don't my black jeans and white tee look like that?! Seriously!

And let me not leave before saying, it's also because I'd love the excuse to wear fur every day. Even with torn jeans. 

Sidenote: how ballsy is it to take the most snobby piece of clothing on the planet and pair it with holey knees and beet up boots? So good. And I will go there and say, if it's vintage, I don't care if it's real. Sue me. As long as you take everything I own...but my furs.

Welp, this shrine-like post certainly ended up being a little creepster, but it was with the good intention of highlighting Ashley Olsen's impeccable style. I'd gladly raid her closet for any, and all items, at any time. Wouldn't you?

Paps, keep taking pics of my girl so that I can obsess over her daily fashion choices. 

And, Ash, keep up the good work. 

Or are you Mary Kate?? 

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