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#NewWork: Inside Sinegal Estate


I'm thrilled to share photos from Sinegal Estate designed by the fiercely talented design studio, Katie Martinez Design. To say this is one of the most beautifully designed wineries I've ever laid eyes on is a huge understatement. It was my privilege to style it upon it's completion!

Interior Design by Katie Martinez Design
Photography by Aubrie Pick
Interior Styling by Bianca Sotelo (me!)

#NewWork: Spring S'mores


I was brought on by Erica of HonestlyWTF to style a "low-key, spring entertaining idea" for a Target campaign. Erica had a few ideas on deck and a backyard spring s'mores gathering was one of them — I immediately gunned for it because who DOESN'T love s'mores??! 

Compared to other shoots we had worked on together, this was a "small" scale production, so we did our best to practice restraint. It's a simple, neutral setup — we wanted to keep things totally doable (inspirational vs. aspirational) — with a few cute and unexpected details to keep people on their toes. A few of my favorite details are the outdoor florals — they bring an elevated vibe to the fire pit area — and we picked them straight from the backyard. I also love the idea of having a s'mores and hot chocolate station. Just by designating a side table or a tray to these "stations", helps create a more special gathering, and the "wanna cuddle s'more" sign by the basket of blankets — meant to be on deck for guests when evening temps begin to drop — was the marshmallow on top. 

photography by: andrea posadas
styling by me: bianca sotelo 
original post with links: honestlywtf

Creating A Rustic Intimate Dinner for Bertolli Video Set


Back in December... November — which was it, now? — I was asked to style out a video set for a Bertolli campaign with HonestlyWTF. The founder of HonestlyWTF, Erica Chan's original idea of turning her backyard into an Tuscan villa, complete with olive groves, was met with a few setbacks. For starters, turns out, renting rows and rows of 9 foot olive trees is not in your budget's best interest. But if it is, email me. A. ) I want to be part of said project and B.) I now have an Olive Farm contact in the area. Also, we didn't have much room to work with and to transform any larger of a space would require cranes and helicopters.

So with our main styling element out of our reach, we worked with what we had and I transformed a former sad and neglected shed corner, into a beautiful outdoor entertaining area — the perfect place to have friends over for a delicious Italian meal, pour copious amounts of Italian wine and do as the Italian's do, mangia!

First, a before shot...

As you can see, I decked the walls with dried olive leaf bundles, strung tons of lights and even filled in the lattice fence with vines to create a cozier nook. I brought in tons of candles, created a cute Negroni cocktail making station and a full olive and lemon garland to run down the table to add fun and festive moments. And of course, rosemary, lemons and olives were the name of the game. I used these garnishes and details just about everywhere. It's rustic, intimate and still very sophisticated. You can check out more images and the full video here

Styling by Bianca Sotelo, photos by Aubrie Pick 

Abstract Art by Bianca Sotelo Available Now!


I'm excited and scared at the same time 'cause, look, Ma! That's my art hanging in the newly designed Apartment 34 offices. Aaack. 

I debuted my rediscovered painting skills on Instagram a couple of months back and got a response I would have never imagined- people, as in multiple people I knew and some I didn't, actually asked me "how do I get my hands on one, like now?!" Wait, what? Hands on what? Oh my painting? Like the painting I painted? Done by me? 

Yes. That was the answer to all of the above questions and after "yes" sunk in, I knew it was time to "buckle up girl" and focus on my paintings. So when my boss commissioned me to paint a HUGE piece that now sits smack-ass dab on the middle of a black wall in our new office, I was stoked. She asked me to ba-ring it with something bold and abstract, in my signature black and white color palette. And I was like, oooh gurl, it's already been ba-rung! 

photography for Apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick

I loved the way the piece turned out - and it's always so nerve wracking to wonder if somebody else likes it too- thank God, she does! It just pops off of that black wall in the space and I don't mean to brag, but I mean to, everyone that comes into the office asks about it. Zing!

So I also wanted to share never before seen pics of the painting that I have above my sofa in my living room. It's much more quiet than the painting for Erin yet, it's still fast and fluid. I focused in on a small area on a similarly, large sized canvas. I wanted the white on white of the canvas and the wall to add a barely there statement. And it does. Love. 

photography for A Fabulous Challenge by Aubrie Pick 

With that, I am pleased to announce that my abstract paintings are available now for commission!! I am currently working on a collection of smaller, on paper, original pieces that I will have available....real soon. But if you want your hands on something NOW- email me. I'd be honored to have my piece in your home! Email: afabulouschallenge@gmail.com 

Thanks for all the love. 

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